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2020 में शीर्ष 10 पीएजी ब्लॉगर

 2020 में टॉप-कमाई करने वाले ब्लॉगर्स में से 10 हमें ब्लॉगिंग करके पैसा कैसे कमा सकते हैं, और उनकी कहानियां हमें टॉप-रैंकिंग ब्लॉग्स के मौजूदा रुझानों के बारे में क्या बताती हैं? 2018 के बाद से, टारगेट इंटरनेट ने दुनिया के दस सबसे अधिक कमाई वाले ब्लॉगों पर साल में एक बार जाँच की है। दुनिया के सबसे अधिक कमाई करने वाले ब्लॉगर्स की फोर्ब्स रैंकिंग के आधार पर एक सूची का उपयोग करते हुए, हमने प्रत्येक प्रमुख ब्लॉगर की सफलता में खेलने वाले कुछ कारकों का विश्लेषण किया। हाल ही में, ब्लॉगिंग ने पारंपरिक, स्वामित्व वाले ब्लॉग (जैसे आप पढ़ रहे हैं) से लेकर मध्यम और लिंक्डइन पल्स जैसे तीसरे पक्ष के प्लेटफ़ॉर्म पर और सोशल मीडिया कैप्शन में माइक्रो-ब्लॉगिंग के कई प्रकारों में विभाजित किया है। ब्लॉगर्स और सोशल मीडिया प्रभावितों में ब्लॉगिंग उद्योग का एक और विभाजन हुआ है। बहुत सारे लोग जो एक बार ब्लॉगर बन चुके हैं, वे करियर को प्रभावित करने वाले के रूप में अपना रहे हैं। इन रुझानों ने स्वतंत्र ऑनलाइन सामग्री रचनाकारों के लिए नए वाणिज्यिक और रचनात्मक अवसर लाए हैं। नकारात्मक पक्ष यह है कि ब्लॉगिंग को परिभ

3 Content Writing Tools

 so onto today's topic We're gonna cover three of my favorite content creation tools and these tools specifically help the ideation stage So there's other tools at the different stages like creation and publishing. Maybe that's a later video But for this video we're gonna focus on ideation and I can tell you as a content creator for eight years now Ideation is one of your most important stages as a Content marketer and creator back in 2016 after five years of creating content and seeing a lot of it fall flat. I Decided to stand back and get more strategic in the ideation stage. I came up with this three bucket topic strategy You can read more about it at the link below basically once you have sources of neverending ideas like keyword research listening to your customers pain points You back those ideas to real goals And if you can't map them to a goal that go in the trash can can you ranking Google? Can you build sales and connections? Can you grow your brand name in the industry? It's not why invest the time and money into creating so what I'll talk about in the next few minutes are content tools that will give you inspiration in the ideation stage and give you sources for content ideas Total number one is mangles keyword finder Seventy eight point six percent of all traffic on the entire internet now originates from a search if you add to that 71 percent of b2b buyers are reading three to five blogs during their buying journey And the ROI on ad funnels is as low as point six it's worth your time to study keywords and Learn how to create content that ranks in the top of Google for a relevant keyword that could pull in an ideal prospect So this tool is an amazing tool to help you uncover these keywords Let's hop on over to my computer and I'll show you how I use this tool so let's say we're looking up a keyword related to how to Blog so I know that my prospects my ideal customers are using this keyword, which that's step one You need to know the phrases and the terms that your customers are using So you search the right keyword ideas because you don't want to bring in non relevant traffic, okay? so here's what that looks like a keyword finder and We know this is a relevant keyword, right? So we're checking that box. Good done now We want to find a keyword that we can actually rank for and keyword finder gives us that insights. So Possible or easy? Those are the keywords.

 I look for right away how to blog is hard so I'm just gonna go ahead and avoid it and then if I look through The SERP overview I can see that sites like Neil Patel are ranking in the top six So these sites have high da so I really don't want to go up against a big player like the elbe Telkom. So right away how to blog is out Now let's scroll through and try to look for another keyword. That's much lower. Okay, so I see my first Here that's nearing the 40 score. I tried to stay around 40 43 45 Max and you can go up and score as your domain Authority your da goes up. So this is a great keyword It's possible the sites. I'm going up against there's some Sites that I could probably compete with pretty. Well, this one has a DA of 50 I know from research that my site is 50 55 da express writers calm This is the only one I'm really concerned about. But there's only one site in here that has a super high da Okay So once I have a focus keyword from angles The last step you want to do is pull in synonymous keywords And the best way to do this is to use Google's searches relate it to and I'll show you how I use that Okay, so you want to plug in that keyword? scroll all the way to the bottom This is what you want to grab so each of these terms in the search is related to these can make subtopics for a Three thousand four thousand word guide on this topic how to start a blog and make money how to do it on Facebook Instagram WordPress, so these make great sub headers and phrases throughout your article Hole number two is buzzsumo It's really important to have a Content analysis tool in your back pocket for those powerful content insights on trending topics What's working on what sites and buzzsumo is one of the best tools to give you this kind of information? 

So let's head over to my computer and I'll show you the three ways I use buzzsumo So there's a few ways. I like to use Basu. Mo one is just to identify Trends on my site so you can go to the content tab look under web that's where I'm at right now type in your website hit Search and Here's your top shared. It's automatically sorting by the top engagement and you can also sort by. How many backlinks did you get? Twitter shares, etc So interestingly enough This was a thought leadership post around a unique concept that I came up with called the content differentiation factor So knowing that this was my top shared piece From about a full year ago Now I could create a follow-up piece on that original concept Maybe share new steps and just create a follow up guide on this topic because I only have one blog on that topic but it's our top shared another way to use buzzsumo is to search the sites that your guest blogging for and Look at their top shared and then you can go after topic areas in the same area Just make sure you don't copy topics take inspiration from them Look at the content piece See how you could create something better Create something more current go further on the topic like this piece for example is really short It's basically a news article on this topic So maybe we could pitch a follow up guide on how to write or create content for this algorithm update Finally, I really like to use the topic discovery tool here in buzzsumo So once you type in your industry content marketing buzzsumo is going to search For topics that people are really talking about sharing Engaging with online. So for one right away. The biggest topic right now is Google Analytics, which is really interesting next is content strategy content writing email marketing and There's so many content ideas just from looking through this So you can do a deeper dive by clicking the insights for each of these you can look at questions What are people asking on this topic? Content how much engagement these topics are getting and then get ideas for topics You could create content on that's already in a trending category in your industry Total number three that I use on a daily basis is the advanced marketing Institute's headline analyzer So let's hop over to my computer and I'll show you how I use this tool This is the only tool that's free. 

The advanced marketing Institute's emotional marketing value headline analyzer Links will be in the video description the other tools are totally worth paying for because of the powerful insights you get But this is just a little free tool that I love to use on a regular Basis you put in your headline, and then it gives you a score Emotional how much marketing value is your headline going to have in these three areas intellectual? Empathetic or spiritual? So let's test it out. Here's the headline for this video This is the first draft headline that I created. Okay, we're gonna pick our category and then hit submit for analysis Whoa, that's a 70. Okay, so that's It's really good. I Didn't expect that on my first try somebody is an amazing score. Let's try in another variation Content that never falls flat 42. Oh, okay so I would go with the one that scored 70 so somebody is like a unicorn score 80 is Another unicorn score anywhere from 35 40 and above is a great headline This is a rock star headline So I'll probably be using it in my video title But you can just go back keep optimizing your headline with different words until you get that high score 


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