How to create a DA 91 back link on reddit on 2020

 how you can create a DA 91 back link that is do follow that is contextual it will bring you traffic and it's index able the method the tip a SEO tactic a technique on how to create a do follow high-quality contextual back link that is what we are going to teach you today so there's two methods there's two techniques for this link building video the first one I'm going to show you is a regular back link but if you stick with me until the end of the video I'm going to show you something that you have yet to see anywhere else how to create a contextual powerful back link for your link building campaign and you're going to need two things in order to accomplish the creation of this back link now those two things are you will need an aged Reddit account there's tons of tutorials on how to create this or buy them or get them that's not what we're doing here the second piece that you will need is your own sub reddit again very simple to do in 2020.

 so let's stop wasting time let's quit talking let's get right into this video so the first thing you're going to need is we're going to go to the old reddit first and foremost so we're gonna go to the old Reddit this is link type 1 it will be ado follow but this is the first method that I'm going to show you once you were inside the old reddit what you will want to do and we'll leave up the Moz bar so I get so I can show you the do follows know follows and whatnot but once you're once you're inside of the old reddit you're gonna go up here to the top right-hand corner or my Reddit you're gonna find your Reddit that you've created and go into your Reddit now once you're inside of your Reddit on the old Reddit platform you're gonna go over here to the right hand side and as you can see I've already created one so we'll go ahead and highlight as you can see the followed links are green the no follows are purple. 

If I revert your eyes over here to the right hand side as you can see there is a link here I highlighted it now no follows are purple as you can see du follows our green so I was able to put it in anchor text this is contextual along with insert a link now this is on the old reddit however this page is index able it creates a do follow that's contextual so how do you do this so in order to create this backlink you're gonna go to your moderation tools which is on your right hand side right here moderation tools and go to your sub-Reddit settings inside of the old reddit so you'll click on the sub reddit settings and then this box will go ahead and show up now in the top here as you can see you can create your title but there is a description and a sidebar so what you want to do is you can go ahead and put this into both now the one that we've created that I'm showing that shows up over here is right here so you put the brackets for the anchor text and then you put in parentheses your backlink as showcased here now give you a moment to go ahead and take a look this is the type of code.

 I believe it's called markdown code, so this is markdown code for inserting backlinks or inserting anchor text and a link into your old reddit so again as you can see here this is a do follow and just for the sake of a tip we're gonna put tests inside of the bracket and then we're going to put a link to and then we'll go ahead and go down here to save settings. and then we're gonna go ahead and take a look once it's saved in there and as you can see we have the initial SEO expert and then right here is the test so what I just created is now here it's a contextual dofollow it's on a Da ninety-one platform PA fifty-two and as you can see here dofollow now that you've made it this far now that you know how to create the contextual do follow backlink through the old platform let me show you the brand new technique for creating a high quality do follow backlink that's DAninety-one through the new Reddit now this has not been disclosed any where else so I'm glad that you've made it this far so let me go ahead and walk you through that process now so and we want to head into your sub reddit so you'll take away the old Reddit and put in your sub-reddit now we're heading into the regular platform this is the new layout the new theme for you're gonna head over here this is what it'll look like in moderation of your sub reddit account that you've created so right here there's a button that says mod tools' what you will want to do is click on mod tools in the right-hand corner it's right here.

 I'll go ahead and highlight it for you see now you will click on mod tools short for moderation tools after that a page will show up just like this obviously and you're going to scroll on down over here on the left hand side so what you were looking for is menu links so that's right hereunder structure so here's structure here is menu links so you'll click on menu links now when you're on menu links you're gonna see a tab right here that says create new tab so you're going to click on create new tab create a link tab which is right here and then you're going to name your title now the title is the contextual part of this link so in this case I'm going to put I'm going to write SEO training and then the URL is going to be to my website so you will go ahead and put in your link so for this instance we're just gonna put in a link to my site to my landing page for getting in contact with me we will save that and then in order to prove that this is just not a moderator web page first and foremost let's make sure that it's a do follow Green is do follow purple is no follow so green as you can see it's a do follow link going directly to my website that is contextual now not only that let's goover to the incognito so you know that it's just not showing up in the moderation tools so a new incognito window we're gonna paste in the address to my sub reddit now that we're on this sub reddit right here in the very top is a new tab that's a contextual link to my website directly to my landing page to get in contact with me for training testing our groups services whatever the case may be so as you can see we'll go open a new link and BAM right to the landing page so in this video we covered two ways to create a da 91 backlink these links are contextual for both platforms these links are index able for either platform I've seen old reddit links on google indexed I've seen new posts indexed these pages are able to be discovered by the public so there's able so they are able to generate traffic which is a huge factor so links are creating traffic the propensity of a link to be clicked increases the power of the link so we know that the traffic factor is really boosting up this backlink so my name is Chris Palmer if you have any questions regarding this SEO backlink creation video if you have questions about link building how to create backlinks how to build backlinks if you have any questions about off page SEO on page SEO technical as you know digital marketing Facebook Ads Instagram really anything digital marketing related please leave it in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next off page SEO howto create backlinks video   have a wonderful day 


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