How to Create a Popup Email Subscription/Newsletter Widget for Blogger Blogs in 2020

 Hello friends how are you today I am going to teach you how to create a popup email subscription widget for blogger blogs. In this method we will not use any kind of custom HTML CSS our JavaScript instead we will just use a simple site to create a pop-up email subscription widget for our blogger blog and so let's get started first of all you need to open your google chrome in the google chrome open a new tab and click after that click on the read more button and copy the given URL..

 From here the URL will direct  you to The Get Site Control website here you need to click on the sign up button and this button located at the top right corner of the screen you can see the mouse icon after clicking the button a pop-up will appear here you have to enter your e-mail address like me it's simple and you can use any of your email gmail or any other etc. which you have after entering your email address we just need to click on sign up for free button now you have signed up for the Get Site Control and now you just need to paste now you just need to complete a few steps here you have to choose a strong password and enter your site URL so first enter a very strong password you can look at my one I am adding a I'm adding a very strong password and complicated, after that entering the password you need to enter your site URL it is very simple just go to your site and enter your site URL I am doing this for a demo Blogger blog so I will just paste the URL of that blog in this field Open the site and simple paste that here after that click on continue button now you have a successfully signed up for Get Site Control and now we just need to copy the given code so click on copy to clipboard and come back to your Blogger blog here you have to click on template. Sorry template, template, template and then edit HTML button. Edit HTML button you have to place the copied code under the. Before the closing body tag it has been written in the instructions so you can just follow me Just click inside the template editor and press ctrl + F and type the closing body tag </body> like me if you don't know how to write a closing body tag After that hit the enter key the closing body tag will be located. Enter a few few spaces before the closing body tag and paste the code above the closing body tag. Like me you can see I have paste the copied code above the closing body tag it's simple and easy after that click on Save template button this will save the code in your Blogger blog now come back to the Get Site Control and click on Check Code button button it will check the code in a few seconds on your site and will show an OK message as it is appearing now So click on OK. 

It's very simple and now you have to create a custom widget for your Blogger blog and we will use this to create a custom pop-up email subscription widget for our blogger blog so click on create widget and select subscribers button here you can select the appearence for example where the Popup email subscription widget will appear now it has many styles this one is full screen style it is half screen style on the left side this is a half screen style on the right side this is popup email subscription on the top and bottom but i will recommend the full screen because it gets most of the subscribers after that you can also add images and for this you need to be a PRO subscriber of Get Site Control and I highly recommend you to do this well i'm not going to do this you now after that you have to select the colors of your widget you can select any one like me and also you can see the preview of the box on the left side in the preview box after that you can also apply the theme they have made for you and they have various colors for example can select the blue green or anything which have their own color scheme after that click on the font and select the font there are a few fonts which you can select but it does not matters a lot now the next step is to select that how the pop-up email subscription widget will appear on your blog for example select None It will simply popup. Fade it will fade now the next is fade up it will fade up from the down side now the next is fade down it will fade down from the up site it all depends which kind of popup email subscription widget do you want to have on your Blogger blog well i am going to go with this one after the appearance tab is the content tab content tab here you can edit the contents of your pop-up email subscription now you can use this Subscribe us. Write a simple paragraph. For example, subscribe to us for more updates or anything extra which you like so here is the fields for example email field and the name field you can use only the email field or also the Name field now the next field is you can also edit the subscribe button yes you can add. you can type Add Me or anything etc. which you want now here is a note box that you would like to say we will not spam you now here the success tab. In the success tab you can add a thank you message. 

For Example when user will sign up for your blog you can say them thank you for your subscription after that is final action you can redirect them to the new URL and or new page but i am not doing all of this stuff is so i'm just going with not after that is behavior targeting and integration tab all these tabs are important but we don't need to check these tabs So, finally click on the OK button now you have to activate the Widget you can also click on the drop-down on the widget or simply on the activate button now your widget has been successfully activated and go to your site and refresh it. The page is loading Oh! There yes here is the pop-up email subscription widget for your Blogger blog without using many custom codes now i am checking this with a demo email now enter the gmail and the name and click on Add me Here is the Successfully signed up message now refresh the Get Site Control page here you can see that there is a hundred percent CRT and you can download the subscribers by clicking on download subscribers button it will download a file on your computer after Download is complete you can open the file by clicking on that file this will open the file in Microsoft excel if you don't have Microsoft excel then I recommend you to install on your computer and now it is just opening so just wait oh it has a subscriber which we had subscribed now you can also create many other kind of widgets for example contact widget or Promos Surveys or or anything.I highly recommend you to create a share widget click on Create Widget and Share and it is very good widget for getting the custom share buttons on your blog.


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